Giant Original Cinema Posters

Mon Dieu, ils sont grands.

I am very proud to own these 5 feet tall original French cinema posters.  Framed and mounted they measure over 6 feet and really are flippin’ superb, extraordinary.  All are first issues and frequently they proudly display their world debut and selection at the prestigious Cannes Film Festival.  They are true collectors items, each and every one.  All pictures shall be framed to gallery standard.  Contact me, let me know what kind of frame/mount you wish for and I shall send you the samples to choose from if you cannot come and visit.  These unique images, considering not least their size, deserve time and thought so I endeavor to get it right with you.

Cinema Paradiso – 1st Issue Original Cinema Poster

1st issue

£880 Framed and Mounted


Voted number 1 in the Guardians ‘Top 100 Foreign Films’ category.  Strangely I know a 4-year-old who loves Cinema Paradiso  despite not speaking Italian.  A truly beautiful film.















The Beach – 1st Issue Original Cinema Poster

Alex Garland and Danny Boyle

£480 Framed and Mounted


I have noooo idea why anybody might want a six-foot Leonardo DiCaprio in their home but then I am a balding bespectacled middle-aged man.  The Beach was the beginning of a Great Adventure for Danny Boyle and Alex Garland.  Not incidentally I encourage you to read Garland’s The Tesseract.  In fact please have a copy on me if you decide to own this strikingly coloured cinema poster.













Reunion – 1st Issue Original Cinema Poster

Harold Pinter screenplay

£380 Framed and Mounted



Reunion slipped by many people but those who have seen it never forget it. Harold Pinter also wrote ‘The Go-Between’ screen play which I am afraid to say I have still yet to see.  Sorry Jill.














Clerks – 1st Issue Original Cinema Poster

Jay and Silent Bob

£480 Framed and Mounted



It is remarkable that Clerks, a Cannes and Sundance Film Festival Winner, is coming on 20 years of age.  As far as I know Kevin Smith, writer as well as ‘Silent Bob,’ filmed this in the store where he worked whilst it was closed in the evening.   This posters French language lends itself to the printed conversation I feel.  Makes it even more fun.  Ask yourself this though, do you want that written six feet high on your wall?  That’s all of your wall?  Of course you do; we are alike…  ps The pink mount is only a suggestion; but I reckon Jay and Silent Bob understand and deserve it.










The Host – 1st Issue Original Cinema Poster

The Korean Loch Ness Monster!

£480 Framed and Mounted



Korean film releases its own Loch Ness Monster,  except it’s not in a loch but Seoul’s Han River.  Oh and the monster has preferences.  But the story is not all about the monster.  Following this?  Anyhows the cinema poster really is quite stunning.  Six feet of threatening monster tale to be precise.













Bee Movie – 1st Issue Original Cinema Poster

Jerry Seinfeld gets Busy

£380 Framed and Mounted


Seinfeld is a master to me.  Always dry and questioning of himself, his friends and  surroundings.  A lot goes on in this film that the kids are not going to get.  What they do get here though is a great big 6-foot flippin’ bee.  I want one for goodness sake.  That reminds me.  My friend got stung by a bee recently.  £17 for a jar of honey…Ouch