Giant Original Cinema Posters 2

Please remember that when framed these stunning cinema posters are well over 6 feet tall.  All framing is to gallery standard and you choose the frame and mount that suits yourself.

Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me – 1st Edition Original Cinema Poster


David Lynch explains himself?

£950 Framed and Mounted



The strangest thing; opinion.  Love or hate David Lynch’s work but you certainly cannot ignore him.  I have watched this several times and cannot decide if it one of the best films I have ever seen, or one to be forgotten.  Think I need to see it again…















Pas Sur La Bouche – 1st Edition Original Cinema Poster

Audrey Tautou sings!

£480 Framed and Mounted



Bugsy Malone is probably my height when it comes to musicals.   I have never seen Pas Sur la Bouche but Rotten Tomatoes has given it a 75% rating meaning it has to have something.  The poster itself gets 100% from me.  A lovely vibrant image that would brighten up and bring smiles to any place.













The Hot Spot – 1st edition Original Cinema Poster

Blood Red Lipstick and a cigarette; must be a Bad Person...

£520 Framed and Mounted



This perfect poster pulls together cliches, and none of them original, from Dennis Hopper’s under-rated but very bright Film Noir.  Roger Ebert sums it up thus; ‘The Hot Spot [is] a superior work in an old tradition.’  That ought to be good enough for anybody.














Crash – 1st edition Original Cinema Poster

Cronenberg Wins the Race again

£620 Framed and Mounted



Cronenberg takes a difficult novel and courts more controversy with a voyeuristic take on peoples fixations and obsessions.  Cannes lapped it up and was equally reviled I do remember.  Passed by the BBFC Crash was still banned in the West End, Leicester Square et al, by Westminster Council.  Westminster Council are also responsible for Soho’s environment and therefore the content in the myriad of frequent sex shops.  You could not make it up.











Little Shop of Horrors – 1st edition Original Cinema Poster

Ooohh; so cute

£620 Framed and Mounted



This Cinema Poster reads soooo much better in French.  Deservedly a cult classic ‘La Petite Boutique’ reminds me always of student days and singing housemates late on drunken evenings.  Marvelous fun.














Charlies Angels – 1st edition Original Cinema Poster

Now Behave.

£460 Framed and Mounted




Oh come on people, it’s not pulling up trees for sure but the film was bright, fast, loud and seriously daft.  I enjoyed it.  This cinema poster, a massive swatch of pink and flaming orange,  looks fantastic and the girls really do stand out in their silhouettes.  So here is a close up…












That is close enough thank you

Looks even better in real life; no doubt.