Direct from the workshop
Shaun of the DeadFirstly, here at Just Images, we are professional framers. A very close second is the fact that I, personally, am a serious collector of images. In a fully equipped workshop we craft everything ourselves. After detailed discussion getting it right with you, the customer, our pride is your finished picture.

Why use a professional framer?

Big or small, when the picture matters to you, get it done right. Here at Just Images, only conservation materials and techniques are used.
Briefly explained, art is lined for extra protection, sealed to protect from contaminants and all fixings, backings and mountboards are acid free, preventing outgassing (chemical releases that discolour artwork and deteriorate fibres). Mounting pictures keeps the art away from wildly fluctuating glass temperatures, assists air circulation and prevents condensation and mould forming. To be clear, all work is reversible, glues are never used and no art is ever ‘stuck down’.







The gift of a picture keeps you in mind

Come have a look – Workshop open to all visitors, bring your art and discuss your requirements over a cuppa.  And don’t forget ‘Artist Hours’ are worked. Just give us a call to say when it suits you.

When you look at a good picture, there is joy – Anon