Monster Mag

Due to the pictures being over 4x3ft and glass fronted delivery and insurance costs £55 to the UK mainland.


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I am a big fan of Monster Mag. Just so you know.
Monster Mag is coming on 40 years of age and its posters were never intended for longevity. My collecting and framing of these childhood memories has been, and is, a labour of love. The prices quoted are for editions that have never been displayed (stuck up on a bedroom wall?) but instead have been read a few times, at most I suspect, and stored away. As such the Monster Mags I have for sale are in excellent shape with minor wear unless stated otherwise.

  • My personal Monster Mags, the ones I bought as a child, are seriously battered and even in bits. As a kid growing up I pinned them to my bedroom walls and ceiling. Now I am an adult those same Mags are lovingly framed and displayed. They show tears, my dart-holes, sellotape marks and bluetac grease. Many people view such stress as an integral part of poster art and indeed I have friends who throw teabags at images. It is worth considering that ‘hard’ creases, obvious wear and other imperfections demonstrate vintage superbly and in no way detract from a great image, especially when the image exists in the dark and decrepit vaults of Horror to start with.
  • Whilst obtaining this complete UK collection I have purchased dozens more Monster Mags of varying qualities. These are also for sale so please do ask.

    Monster Mag – The very 1st Issue

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    £230 Framed and Mounted


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    Christopher Lee is Frankenstein’s Monster. ‘A first edition Monster Mag in excellent condition. Deemed so horrible that the authorities were on the lookout for the next publication which they intercepted and pulped. I do not think a single UK number 2 Monster Mag survived. I wish to the Devil I am wrong.’











    Monster Mag 3 – Revealed

    Dr Frankenstein

    £220 Framed and Mounted


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    I’ll give the thumbs up when I am good and ready”














    Monster Mag 4 – Revealed

    Christopher Lee - Count Dracula

    £240 Framed and Mounted


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    ‘My absolute favourite as it was the first Monster Mag I bought when aged seven or eight. I remember being terrified the sweet-shop lady would say ‘No you are too young’ (I now see I need never have feared; the lady’s glass-counter display not only had pink shrimps, black-jacks and fruit salads but loose cigarettes piled high for us kids also). Today, although seriously battered, my same Monster Mag is framed and hangs proudly at home. I now have 3 more in far better condition, excellent condition in fact, for sale to you. Not incidentally some friends have said the best part about my picture is that it is obviously aged and extreemly worn. I disagree; the best part has to be the Bloody great cross sticking right through Count Dracula’s torso. My friends can be weird sometimes.’





    Monster Mag 5 – Revealed

    Count Dracula Frightens

    £210 Framed and Mounted


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    ‘Camp Dracula’














    Monster Mag 6 – Revealed

    Horribly Charming

    £205 Framed and Mounted


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    ‘…Dem bones dem bones Dem Dry Bones’













    Monster Mag 7 – Revealed

    Christopher Lee - The Face of Fu Manchu

    £210 Framed and Mounted


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    ‘Christopher Lee, Fu ManChu’