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Bargain Dungeon

Ooooh, here are the first pictures I framed when learning my trade.  They do not compare to my pedantry today and so are greatly reduced.  None the less all look quite magnificent at these prices, or even double, so grab a bargain.   James and the Giant Peach From £85 framed Original double sided Cinema […]

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Snow White & the Seven Dwarfs

Quick joke: Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs all in bed feeling Happy…so Happy got out (Okay, so the old ones still work for me). A quality poster print, please note the canvas effect embossed paper. I shall frame this colourful picture as you prefer, glass or acrylic fronted. Large Poster Print Size is well […]

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Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas – Movie poster

It took some doing but Gilliam manages to bring HST’s mayhem to the screen and keep this addled tale lucid. Watching the movie made me feel like I was the one on acid and to be honest, when it had finished I was as glad as if my own bad trip had come to an […]

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Superman – Christopher Reeves

Superman.  Striking a worryingly authoritative pose. Superman, wears yellow belted red underpants.  On the outside of tights.  Superman, Man of Steel.  Superman. Joe Shushter dreamed up the costume back in the 1930’s and was told his ‘idea would never fly’. The rest is history. Remember children, dont try this at home. Large Art Print Approx […]

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Audrey Hepburn

I used to never understand how people can swoon over an image, photo or film, of any person. Audrey Hepburn is the one, extraordinary exception for me. I was drop-dead stunned when I saw what she looked like. Large Approx size Frame 99x68cm Image 90x60cm £42.99

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Pulp Fiction

Tight and demented with smart dialogue thats sharper than El Diablo’s  trident.  And then there is the music of course. I understand Tarantino insists on original vynl recordings, from his collection, for his films. He may not act that well but blimey, he has style to burn. Large Approx size Frame 99x68cm Image 90x60cm £47.99

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La Dolce Vita – Fellini

Laden with imagery, La Dolce Vita changed everybodies expectation of film.  With extreme adult themes and beautifully shot Fellini’s film was hammered by the censors and banned in various countries for many years. The film is a must, Fellini nails his intent on the opening sequence, a dangling statue of Christ being helicoptered to the […]

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The Crow – Brandon Lee

A tragic and unintentionally self-referential film now existing in Goth folklore. Brandon, son of Bruce Lee, was killed on the set by a gun that had a bastardised bullet lodged in the chamber…ahh, you know this already if you are interested in this picture. Large Art Print Approx size Frame 82x59cm Image 74x52cm £42.99

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New York Cityscape 1931

‘A brave new world on the up’ might be a tag line for this 1931 image. Could the same line be used for todays equivalent photograph? Approx size Frame 55x45cm Image 49x39cm £23.99

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Grand Central Station – 1930

Grand Central Terminal still has the largest number of platforms in the world, spread over two levels. Approx size Frame 53x45cm Image 47x39cm £23.99

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