Fantastic Fears Comics



Fantastic Fears Comics July 1953
Art print quality postcard, framed to gallery standard.
Double mounted, glass fronted and in a substantial, solid black, wood frame.

An original, licensed postcard, celebrating the Golden Age of Horror Comics (pre 1955).

All images are brand new and perfect, the framing of which is only ever crafted on order. Guaranteed.

Picture dimensions
Overall framed approx size       – 21 x 25cm
(Image size approx.)               – 12 x 16cm

(The solid black wood frame used is 30mm wide and 20mm deep).

For those who may be interested, this comic, amongst others, led directly to a US ‘Senate Subcommittee on Juvenile Delinquency’ being set up in 1954, specifically looking at comics, such was the moral panic. The industry responded with a new ‘Comic Code Authority’ and the words Horror and Terror were outlawed in their titles. It was agreed that zombies, vampires and werewolves were no longer to be portrayed. The code also included that ‘established institutions’ could not be disrespected and ‘in every instance good shall triumph over evil.’ Before 1955 around 25% of all comic books published were of the horror genre, soon after they were to all but disappear.
A great website, Fury Comics, allows you to view some of this Golden Age of Horror. Just don’t read them before bedtime.

Additional information

A quality, professionally framed picture.

Double mounted using conservation grade board (non-yellowing), with an inner liner. Backboard is fluted, and sealed with framers tape. Your picture is ready to hang of course.

All materials used are PH neutral, conservation quality, helping to ensure your image remains vibrant.

Direct from our craft workshop, to you. Expect something special.


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